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            Communicate by culture, Innovate by heart

            Guided by honesty, led by high quality products, insured by faithful service and supported by perfect price, Tongjie has won high reputation on products and corporate image through our efforts.

            In the future, Tongjie group will continuously realize our dreams with our hearts, attitudes and innovation to win a mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients and matual reputation with the whole industry!

            Action to protect environment

            Environmentally friendly materials

            Degradable material for printing and environmental friendly ink as the first choice to recommend!

            Environmental protection measures

            Reuse wasted materials to reduce impact to the environment.

            Environmental Responsibility

            We make printed materials more efficient, looking for variety methods. We keep trying, through design, terminal applications, printing test, to make each material more efficient. Work with suppliers to improve efficiency and reduce wasting rate , also minimize the impact to the environment.